I'm here to support, mentor, listen and guide you along your road to having a baby. I'm your Fertility Coach. 

You might be dealing with a range of fertility issues from endometriosis, unexplained infertility, PCOS or male factor infertility. You might be trying to conceive naturally, undergoing fertility treatment or deciding what to do next.

I provide personalised strategies that allow you to feel supported, nurtured and understood in what can be a lonely, traumatic and overwhelming journey. I offer you a non-biased, non-judgemental and completely independent hand. I help you access, comprehend and process all the relevant information to tackle infertility.

From personal experience, coupled with my training in Fertility Coaching and Certification in Counselling and Psychology, I guide you with passion, care and unconditional commitment.

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My name is Ceci and I feel incredibly lucky that our experience with unexpected, especially rare and very complex infertility resulted in three beautiful children and I am passionate about helping others have a positive fertility experience. 

I've walked the walk. It was heartbreaking. Infertility is all-consuming and not something you need to go through alone. Looking back, I would have given anything to have a trusted source provide me with both emotional support and guidance when I needed it.

Someone I could check in with regularly that wasn't pushing their own natural or medical treatment, and most importantly someone to hold my hand through the process. There is so much stress in the unknown.

I certainly wouldn’t be where I am now in my career as a Fertility Coach without the strong belief that the emotional well-being of those struggling with fertility issues needs a lot more attention.



To help you decide if my Fertility Coaching is right for you, lets have a free phone consultation to talk about how it works before you commit to anything.

If you are a member of the fertility community, I'd love to meet you too so please introduce yourself here.

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Talking to Ceci throughout our IVF process was a godsend. She gave me so much more clarity and confidence throughout the process. I was so overwhelmed at the start and the cloud and tension would lift when I'd talk to Ceci. She listens and connects and makes you feel empowered. I can't recommend Ceci enough. It really is so powerful talking to her. 

Emily, Melbourne VIC 

I first got in contact with Ceci just before going down the IVF path. It was overwhelming going through all the tests and appointments and it was great to have someone to talk through the process with. Ceci was so easy to talk to and connect with. She could quite easily put my mind at ease during the IVF journey which I found difficult and stressful. What I have been most appreciative of is that during the process I chose to be quite private about what we were going through to friends and family, so having Ceci call and message asking how appointments, results, scans etc went, sending words of advice and encouragement has been amazing. It definitely felt like we had a good friend going through the motions with us. She even had a way of making me feel like I wasn't completely crazy many a time. I found the Fertility Hand the perfect support for me. I couldn't recommend ceci highly enough.  

Gemma, Dubbo NSW

Going through infertility is an extremely scary and confusing time. During our journey we were facing a rare genetic diagnosis which caused infertility and Ceci was great at explaining what was happening in layman's terms. Talking to Ceci is like talking to a good friend who really understands what you're going through. Our journey is far from over and we will continue to use Ceci's services until we hold our future baby in our arms.

Natalie Sanderson, Adelaide SA