• Ceci Jeffries

20 questions to ask your Fertility Doctor before starting IVF:

  1. Is there anything in my diagnosis that could negatively impact the IVF success rate and why?

  2. What’s your timeline and treatment approach for me?

  3. When and how do I get my medications?

  4. What complications or side effects should I be aware of?

  5. Do you recommend ICSI?

  6. Do you recommend any genetic testing?

  7. Do you recommend a fresh or frozen embryo transfer and why?

  8. Do you recommend Day 3 or Day 5 embryo transfers?

  9. How frequently will I need to come in for monitoring?

  10. Does your clinic perform tests and treatments over weekends and holidays?

  11. If not, how is my cycle affected?

  12. If my first treatment is unsuccessful, what are my other options?

  13. What out of pocket expenses should I expect?

  14. When do I need to pay?

  15. Who will I be able to contact during the process if I have questions?

  16. Who do I call if I face any problems after hours?

  17. What are your clinic’s success rates for patients like me?

  18. In your opinion, what are my chances of success?

  19. Is there anything I can do to improve my chances of success?

  20. When can I start?

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